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3D Scanner Testing Service

SCANTECH has a comprehensive 3D digital solution for the high-precision 3D measurement, including handheld laser 3D scanners, tracking 3D scanners and global photogrammetry systems.

Widely used in automobile and accessories, aerospace, shipbuilding, rail transit, mechanical design and manufacturing, home improvement, architectural artifacts, education and scientific research, 3D printing cooperation, 3D visualization, criminal investigation and other industries.
PRINCE 3D Scanner
HSCAN 3D Scanner
AXE Global 3D Scanner
Two-color laser: The red and blue lasers are quickly switched between two scanning modes, which are flexible and portable with a handheld 3D scanner, and can acquire high-definition three-dimensional data.
Details: 5 pairs of parallel line laser scanning in Blu-ray mode, high resolution can clearly capture the 3D details that are difficult to obtain by the red laser.
High precision: Accuracy is as high as 0.03mm. The external environment has little effect on scanning accuracy and can work normally even in direct sunlight.
High-speed scanning: multi-beam red cross-line laser scanning, fast speed; single-beam red line laser scanning, can quickly obtain three-dimensional data of deep holes or corners.
High-speed scanning: Continuously acquires 3D data at measurement rates of hundreds of thousands of times per second.
Real-time display: The real-time splicing of the scanned data in real time can quickly obtain three-dimensional data that is difficult to obtain, such as deep holes and corners. The advantage is especially obvious when scanning complex objects.
High precision: Accuracy up to 0.03mm ensures accurate 3D measurement data.
Automatic positioning: The target point is automatically positioned, no need to be equipped with tracking and positioning equipment, and can support dynamic measurement.
Flexible operation: The instrument weighs less than 1kg and is easy to operate. It can not only scan and splicing large objects, but also use them in a narrow space.
High precision: single machine 0.02mm + 0.030mm / m volume accuracy, far beyond the other handheld 3D scanners in the industry, you can easily scan medium and large objects without the aid of a global photogrammetry system.
Fast measurement: halving the number of points, plus double scanning width and 480,000 scanning speeds per second, greatly improving scanning efficiency.
Large field of view: The scanning field of view is much larger than the existing handheld 3D scanner, and the scanning surface area is increased by more than 2 times, and the 3D reconstruction of the surface of the object is completed quickly and efficiently.

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PRINCE335 handheld 3D scanner

The PRINCE series handheld 3D scanners have solved the major pain points in the industry. Its unique red and blue laser dual-mode working mode has promoted the use of handheld 3D scanners to be more portable, flexible and efficient, while making the photographic 3D scanners feature high resolution and high detail. Scanning objects as large as an airplane and as small as a coin can be easily handled, which is the best choice for the current 3D inspection industry.

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Room B101-104,No.418,Huajing Road,Waigaoqiao, Free Trade Zone,Pudong,Shanghai,China



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