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CMM Calibration Service

We are committed to providing a wide range of excellent technical support services for regional and global customers in the field of quality inspection, together with our collaborative manufacturing facilities that bring together global resources, with their focus and expertise in metrology and test technology. To ensure the overall effectiveness and cost optimization of the operation and maintenance of the instrument, enhancing the reliability and performance of your measurements and analysis.

       ⇨⇨Software System Extension

       ⇨Precision Check

       ⇨Measurement Service

       ⇨Annual Maintenance Service

       ⇨Application Skills Training

       ⇨Detection and Programming

       ⇨⇨Accessories and Spare Parts

       ⇨⇨Special Measuring Fixture

       ⇨Technical Advice and Support

Articulating Arm

When the coordinate measuring machine is in use, due to various factors such as environment and wear, the deviation of the system accuracy may be caused。 At this point, it is necessary to recalibrate and compensate, so that the system accuracy returns to a very good state。

We follow HEXAGON's original technical specifications, based on the precision step gauge, determine the various errors of the CMM, and derive the deviation data and compensation scheme。 And through the compensation of the control system, the system achieves the measurement accuracy it deserves。

We can also provide separate on-site training services to meet the flow of personnel and other reasons, resulting in the lack of operators and so on。

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Address:Room B101-104, No.418, Huajing Road, Waigaoqiao, Free Trade Zone, Pudong, Shanghai, China
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Room B101-104,No.418,Huajing Road,Waigaoqiao, Free Trade Zone,Pudong,Shanghai,China



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