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Provide online consultation on the breakdown of Measuring & testing instrument and Material analysis equipment, instrument repair, application support services, acceptance of product information, instrument training, information request, part number query and incident complaints, etc.
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Standard Instrument Service

Since its establishment, Labgages has focused on the research, introduction and promotion of measurement and testing instruments and material analysis equipment。 The company has helped the company in the original design and development cycle, product quality and reverse analysis with deep engineering background and efficient resource integration。 Simulation, on-line and in-service inspections significantly improve efficiency and reliability。


CMM Application Training

Labgages provides a CMM training service to meet the flow of personnel and other reasons, resulting in the absence of operators and so on.


3D Scanner Testing Service

ScanTech is mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of intelligent visual inspection equipment。 It is a professional 3D digital equipment supplier in the industry。


CMM Calibration Service

When the coordinate measuring machine is in use, due to various factors such as environment and wear, the deviation of the system accuracy may be caused. At this point, it is necessary to recalibrate and compensate, so that the system accuracy returns to a very good state.


Laser calibration

In order to meet increasingly stringent tolerances, customer plans and international quality standards, as well as to withstand the pressure of cost reduction, the performance of production equipment has received unprecedented attention, so the proportion of measurement and calibration equipment is increasing.


Remote Technical Support

The remote maintenance concept means that we can provide nationwide service support for your equipment in a timely manner。


Genuine guarantee commitment

The equipment sold by Labgages is original authentic。 We guarantee that any merchandise purchased by consumers in LAB is genuine。 If the goods purchased by the consumers in Labgages are identified as counterfeit goods, we promise to return 100% of the goods, and strictly punish the relevant project leaders, and will not tolerate them。

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