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Automatic Hardness Tester

Austrian EMCOTEST has more than 50 years of professional R&D and production experience in the field of hardness testing. As a leader in innovative technology in the field of hardness, the company has Rockwell hardness tester, fully automatic micro Vickers hardness tester and fully automatic Blowwell hardness tester.

DuraVision G5 Universal Hardness Tester

The DuraVision semi-automatic universal macro hardness tester is designed for Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, and / or Knoop hardness testing.


N6P Portable Deep Hole Internal Hardness Tester

The N6P portable deep-hole ID hardness tester includes N1E test equipment with load-level sensors with tension nuts, clamps, and spring joints.


N7 Portable Gear Rockwell Hardness Tester

The only portable gear Rockwell hardness tester in the world that directly tests Rockwell hardness.


DuraJet G5 Rockwell Hardness

DuraJet is a table top hardness tester, suitable for all Rockwell hardness test methods and surface Rockwell hardness test methods.


DuraScan G5 series fully automatic micro Vickers hardness tester

DuraScan is based on a compact and asymmetric design based on the obtained V-shaped concept, using a motorized probe and a fixed stage in the vertical direction。 The probe is movable in the y-axis and z-axis directions, while the stage is movable in the x-axis direction。


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