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Flatness Measurement System

Originated in 1953, CORNING TROPEL is the industry leader in flatness measurement technology and has developed techniques for measuring large-size liquid crystal display (LCD) reticle. Their equipment is capable of full surface flatness measurement with fast, repeatable and accurate characteristics to meet the new generation of flatness requirements.

Tropel FlatMaster MSP150 flatness measurement system

Quick and accurate measurement of surface flatness and thickness parameters.


Flatmaster 200 Corning Flatness Meter

Corning Tropel Flat Master 200 flatness meter, also known as flatness meter, provides the industry's first surface morphology measurement for manufacturers of precision components. Record the entire surface data by non-contact optical measurement technology. The Flat Master 200 flatness meter can quickly and accurately measure the flatness, linearity and other surface parameters of various surfaces.


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