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Swiss Trimos universal measuring machine has a variety of precision grades and different measuring ranges (100mm - 10m) for users to choose from, including the world's very high precision three-axis automatic universal measuring machine, which becomes the measuring chamber with high precision. One of the length traceability benchmarks.

Trimos V4 Digital Altimeter

The V4 model has all the functions of the V3 model altimeter.
In addition, it is equipped with a dual probe holder and air float to facilitate mobile measurement. The shortcut keys of the handle can be freely set to frequently used functions.


Trimos V3 Digital Altimeter

The V3 series altimeter can adapt to the harsh use environment of the workshop and is all manufactured in Switzerland, which can ensure the product's sturdiness, accuracy and reliability for a long time。


Trimos V5 Digital Altimeter

The new V5 altimeter is an upgrade from the original V + series altimeter。 The V + series altimeter is widely supported and selected by users worldwide due to its simple operation and stable performance。


Trimos V6 Digital Altimeter

The V3-V6 series has high measurement accuracy, economy and practicality, and can measure height, depth, perpendicularity, slot width, inner and outer diameter, hole center distance, and axial center distance, etc., which is suitable for production site use.


Swiss Trimos V7 High Precision Digital Altimeter

The two-way force measurement system ensures better stability and repeatability of the instrument. The device can provide programming functions and two-dimensional measurement. It can also measure height, depth, slot width, inner and outer diameter, hole center distance, shaft center distance, flatness, flat angle and perpendicularity, straightness (optional accessory).


Swiss TRIMOS V9 High Precision Digital Altimeter

Trimos V9, this series of altimeter is the most accurate altimeter in the world hand-held, for two-dimensional measurement.


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