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Non-destructive Testing

Nondestructive testing (NDT) means the process of examining components and products for quality defects without having to take them apart or destroy them。 The Smart NDT applications are now fitting into Industry 4。0, being widened by Cognitive sensor systems, Machine learning and Intelligent monitoring, for the product life cycle, from raw material through usage all the way to recycling。

3MA Testing Systems

3MA: Micromagnetic Multiparameter Microstructure and stress Analysis. 3MA inspection technology represents a modern measurement technique for characterizing material properties – rapidly, nondestructively and ...


Hardening Depth Inspectors

Mobile Testers for nondestructive Inspection of the surface hardening depth in inductively hardened components by IZFP Ultrasound Backscattering Technology - IZFP has more than 30 years of experience with customized ultrasonic hardware and software.


CT Applications

TOMO series X-CT composite coordinate measuring machine integrates X-ray scanning imaging technology into the three-coordinate measuring system to realize accurate measurement of non-destructive visualization of products, and can be equipped with various sensors such as optical, optical fiber, contact probe and laser。


Thickness Measurement

Thickness gauges are instruments used to measure the thickness of materials and objects. It is commonly used in industrial production to measure the thickness of products (such as steel plates, steel strips, films, paper, metal foils, etc.) continuously or sampled.


Flaw Detector

The flaw detector test usually emits ultrasound on the object to be measured (such as industrial materials, human body), and then uses its reflection, Doppler effect, transmission, etc。 to obtain information inside the measured object and process it to form an image。


Ferrite & Conductivity Tester

In the chemical machinery, nuclear industry, shipbuilding, boiler manufacturing and other industries, a large number of pressure vessels, pipes, components and valves, etc。, are mostly made of austenitic stainless steel and duplex stainless steel。 In general, the welding of stainless steel containers loaded with different media requires control of different delta ferrite contents。


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